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Willie GavinWillie Gavin
I have been a member of the SNP since 2004 after becoming totally disillusioned with the Labour party.  I was introduced into actively campaigning for the next elections by our Fife SNP Councillor (Kate Stewart) and the rest is history as they say.   During the referendum I was involved in setting up public meetings and talking (too much sometimes) to anyone who would listen about the need for independence.  It was heartening to see so many people become actively involved in deciding the future of our country and feel that it is very important to keep up the momentum that was created.  I still work full-time as a Biology teacher in Falkirk.

Lesley Gavin
More information will follow shortly.

Fionas photoFiona K Thompson
Membership Secretary
I joined the SNP at the end of 2011 when I returned to Scotland and only learned since, that I could have been a member all the time while I was “down south”.  I have always believed that Scotland will be an independent country.  308 years ago we had no democracy and we were taken into a Union despite mass protest.  Long before I was able to come home to Scotland I knew I would work to help regain our country’s freedom.   I was a teacher for over 20 years but the raising of the retirement age for female teachers made me reassess and follow my desire to be an “ambassador for Scotland”.  I became a qualified Blue Badge Guide and through guiding  I have met some wonderful people from all over the world all of whom believe Scotland is a nation “in waiting”.   My SNP contribution is but a small part of a much greater effort but together we will complete the journey soon.

Robs photoRob J Thompson
My wife (Fiona) and I returned to Scotland in October 2011 to help campaign for independence.  I was in the fortunate position to be able to retire early from the Royal Navy and throw myself into political activism for the first time.   The SNP Leadership, particularly Nicola Sturgeon and John Swinney, have impressed me.  The camaraderie of our new West Fife Villages Branch is hoping to build on the positivity engendered in the YES campaign and to help persuade more of our citizens to believe in a better and more equal independent Scotland next time.  We trust you feel the same.

Lucian Marshall(1)

Lucian Marshall
I have always been an SNP supporter but didn’t join the Party until after the Referendum.   It is still difficult to believe that the majority of people in Scotland are happy with mis-rule from Westminster.  Here’s to the next time – and a resounding YES.

Doris Pike
Political Education Officer
I joined the SNP a few days after the 2014 Independence Referendum.   The SNP is the main political party in Scotland who believes in an independent Scotland and who puts Scotland and Scotland’s people first.