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CAMPAIGN TEAMS’: Values and Standards

teamworkTo win campaigns we need to work together innovatively, in mutual trust that all are seeking to deliver a positive and successful result for our candidate and thereby our constituency.   Our success is based on providing a motivated, committed and inspired team to engage with and “win” our electorate.   As in every team, there are a variety of skills, knowledge and experience and we need to use these to our optimum to be successful by pulling together and supporting each other.


Personal Conviction:   We believe that what we do is worthwhile and important to the future of our Nation and our local community.

What We Will Do:tick

  1. Assume positive intent against campaign goals for all members and supporters.
  2. Encourage, listen, respect and seek to understand views and ideas of all our team and supporters to improve our performance.
  3. Recognise and reward those who go “the extra mile” and celebrate our successes.
  4. Learn from our mistakes.cross-1

What We Will Not Do:

  1. Be arrogant about our approach
  2. Make promises we do not keep
  3. Commit to any activity without first understanding our ability and willingness to deliver.

We believe that we can achieve more through teamwork than as individuals.
Together Each Achieves More

What We Will Do:tick

  1. work for the common good of the campaign, trusting that we are all pulling in the same direction
  2. Seek to co-locate those elements of the team that are working to deliver the same outcome.
  3. Find “win-win-win” solutions to issues
  4. Collaborate between teams to resolve problems and celebrate team success
  5. Encourage and reward individual contributions to team problems
  6. Communicate honestly and openly, being prepared to challenge sensitively and respond to challenge objectively
  7. Value everyone’s contribution
  8. Be open-minded with no hidden agendas

What we will not do:cross-1

  1. Focus on individual areas at the expense of the whole campaign
  2. Blame each other
  3. Seek advantage over others in “win-lose” situations

Trusted to Deliver
We value being trusted to deliver.

What We Will Do:tick

  1. Do what we say we will do, at a time and quality we have agreed.
  2. Identify problems early, communicating to our team and supporters and creating solutions together.
  3. Take ownership and accountability for delivering our shared goals.
  4. Invest in developing effective planning, communication and delivery skills.
  5. Recognise the diverse nature of our support and the broad range of skills and tasks necessary to achieve our goals.

What We Will Not Do:cross-1

  1. Say “yes” without being clear it can be achieved.
  2. Duck responsibility for the things we must do.
  3. Fail to value activity which is not directly voter facing.

Long Term Success
We value long term success.

What We Will Do:tick

  1. Develop a hunger to be better at what we do, embedding the right changes that improve our performance.
  2. Improve our understanding of our voter needs and our members requirements.
  3. Learn from experiences.
  4. From the above, establish and maintain a reputation as a top class Constituency Association.
  5. Benchmark ourselves by challenging performance openly.
  6. Reward effectiveness.
  7. Invest in the future particularly our youth.
  8. Nurture flexibility in our team.
  9. Develop future skills from within.
  10. Where differences exist engage in a way that maintains long term relationships.

What We Will Not Do:cross-1

  1. Be complacent about our performance.
  2. Rely on crisis management for which we have a track record.

R Thompson, Organiser-20/10/2015