Longannet Closure

DUNFERMLINE MP Douglas Chapman has warned of an “economic black hole” which could hit Kincardine due to the closure of Longannet power station.Longannet power station

It was confirmed last month that the plant would officially close its doors on 31st March 2016, unable to continue after a breakdown in talks with the National Grid over crippling £40million transmission costs.

With fears and concerns about not only the direct job losses in the station itself, but also the surrounding area, a Longannet taskforce was set up, with Mr Chapman a member.

He said, “I intend to ensure that the often-overlooked side effects with closures of this size are given the limelight and are properly addressed.

“From the workers of the plant, contractors, business in the supply chain and logistics, to the local cafe and shops that people will continue to rely on.

“They must all have a voice in this process and steps must be taken to ensure that the knock-on effects do not leave an economic black hole in Kincardine.”

The task force next meets on 29th September, when plant officials, politicians and unions will meet to discuss the steps following the closure.

Mr Chapman added, “I find it ridiculous that the early termination of this power station has been thrust upon us by the UK Government’s energy policy and none of those responsible have the decency to turn up to the taskforce meeting to understand the impact their decisions will have.

“I will continue to raise the issue with government ministers in Parliament.”