Aid for refugees based in Calais

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In response to the unfolding and continuing tragedy of refugees from Africa and the Middle East dying and being killed as they try to make their way to safety, we are collecting items that would be useful to the people currently in Calais.

We plan to co-ordinate our contribution via CalAid.   Please go to their website or Facebook page for a list of items that would be useful and, just as important, items that are not needed.

Initially items are being received in the Aye Pod, Bruce Street, Dunfermline and then transported to a larger storage space.

We are currently seeking a longer term storage facility in West Fife to which you can bring items directly.   All donations will be taken to a depot in Glenrothes from where a convoy will deliver them to Calais.

Once we have our larger storage area up and running, we will be looking for volunteers to be at the drop-off point to receive and sort goods and we will also be looking for someone with a van to help transfer the goods to Glenrothes.

If you wish to volunteer contact one of our branch officers.

J Smith,  Branch Secretary