Deputy Leader Vote

You should be receiving or have received an email from Patrick Grady asking you to vote for your preferred candidate for the Deputy Leader post.  Please vote – it is important.

If you have not received this email check your junk or spam box or their equivalents.   If you still cannot see it then email

The four candidates were interviewed by The National newspaper and you can hear what they have to say.   Just click on their photographs.

Alyn Smith

Tommy ShepherdAngus-Robertson


The National Survey 2016

imageNicola Surgeon launched this survey today to give the people of Scotland the opportunity to voice their opinions.    It is important for your voice to be heard and this shows, once again, that our party leader and Scotland’s First Minister is listening to her electorate.

The National Survey is for all of Scotland. It doesn’t matter how people voted in the independence referendum, or the EU referendum, or what party they vote for come election time, or if they don’t usually vote.

To start the survey click here


Nicola Sturgeon Stirling Speech 2016 – Getting on with the job.

Today Nicola Sturgeon delivered a speech on Scotland’s future, and launched the first phase of the SNP’s new independence initiative.

The key points in her speech are as follows:

  • A firm focus on the big challenges
  • Protecting Scotland’s interests in Europe
  • The biggest listening exercise in the SNP’s history
  • A new Growth Commission

for more detail on these key points go to

During her speech she launched a new initiate called The National Survey 2016 asking all people of Scotland to participate and setting a target of contacting over 2 million people by St Andrews Night in November.

If you want to participate and get involved then click here.

SNP Deputy Leader Hustings

Dunfermline Constituency Association has arranged for all four Deputy Leader Candidates to join us in The Carnegie Conference Centre at 7pm on  11 August 2016.

The candidates are Tommy Sheppard MP, Alyn Smith MEP, Angus Roberson MP and Chris McEleny Councillor.

This provides you with the opportunity to listen to their reasons for standing, their plans for the future and also to ask your questions.

The event is free.    Book your seat here.

Please bring your SNP membership card with you.


SNP Party Deputy Leader Candidates

We have a number of high calibre candidates for the vacant position of Deputy Leader of the SNP party following the resignation of Stewart Hosie.

All nominations for the post must be received by 5 August.   Following the vote by the 116,000 SNP members the successful candidate will be announced at the October Conference.

The candidates so far are (in no particular order):

Tommy ShepherdTommy Sheppard, MP Edinburgh East

“Over the past few weeks I have been approached by a wide range of SNP members asking me to stand for the position of Depute Leader of our Party. After much thought I have decided to do so. Here’s why.

At this critical time in our nation’s history we have a window of opportunity, yet we still have much work to do in a short time. To be successful we need to use all of the talents of our party. I believe the job of Depute Leader is key to our success.  To achieve our goal of Independence our party needs to be even better at everything it does.

We’ve had some great election successes recently, but frankly our opponents have made it easy for us. We need to prepare for the challenges ahead, including IndyRef2 when it comes. That will be a far tougher test, and we need to be ready.

We need to revise how we do things, building on the massive increase in membership since 2014. Members are our biggest asset and we need structures that allow them to get more involved. They are central to our continuing success as a party and a movement.

We need to prepare as many people as possible to play an active role in campaigns. I believe we need to refocus our basic unit – the party branch – to include much more political discussion and action. We need to spend money on professional organisers – at HQ and in a regional network – to support branch activities and members’ training. We need to bring together all our elected representatives – MPs, MSPs and Councillors – in coherent teams providing political leadership to our communities. We need to rethink how we make policy – involving as many members as possible in a continuous process.”

To read more go to Why I am Standing for Depute Leader.

Angus-RobertsonAngus Robertson, SNP  Parliamentary Group Leader at Westminster and MP for Moray.

“The SNP is the most effective political party in the country. Our strength comes from our members, branches, local grassroots campaigning and partnership with councillors and parliamentarians.

We need to make sure our organisation, policy-making and campaigning techniques keep pace with the rapid growth in membership. A record number of new members and activists want to help secure electoral success, best governance at all levels of government and Scottish independence. We need to empower everyone who wants to play a part.

We also need relevant campaigning priorities for the whole of Scotland. We need to take on Labour, but also focus against the Tories and Lib Dems where they are the main competition to the SNP.”

You will find more information at

alyn-smith-2Alyn Smith, SNP MEP
“I am the right man to be deputy leader of the SNP”

“It is a pretty daunting prospect, but I’m up for it and I’m up to it. The SNP is an utterly democratic bunch, we’ll have a contest, the members will choose and we’ll all shake hands afterwards. So far I’ve heard four confirmed names, and four strong, distinct, propositions. Contests are good, because they allow the Party to have a discussion about where we are and what we need to change to go forward. We have had the privilege to live through a period in Scotland’s history that books will be written about. In barely four years we’ve had indyref, the membership surge, the Westminster wipeout, the Holyrood success and then the EUref, with Scotland’s European status at risk because of a campaign we overwhelmingly rejected.

Politics has changed utterly. My campaign boils down to five words: role, Europe, yes, equalities and time. Obviously, the role of Depute is whatever Nicola as Leader requires, but the main formal role is over policy formulation, and I’d suggest the European Question is now top of that list. Nicola also already has a political Deputy, our world class Deputy First Minister John Swinney in Holyrood. We also have a formidable team at Westminster. While I’m close to both, I’m independent of both, with a nationwide constituency I’ve proven I get about in and Holyrood the centre of my universe.

We need to put Europe at the heart of independence and the SNP at the heart of the independence movement.

I can help do that. I’m internationalist to my fingertips. I grew up in Saudi Arabia, I’ve studied in Germany, France and Poland, and worked in London, India, the US, Spain and of course Belgium and France. I speak fluent bad French and fluent bad German. I’m a qualified corporate lawyer, albeit I’ve been off the tools as an MEP for 12 years, re-elected twice in winning campaigns. I’ve put in a shift for the SNP and Scotland while we made Scotland change. For the better. In the EURef I provided real leadership, publishing the Wee Bleu Book, and doing over 40 public or party meetings taking on the argument from all fronts in the communities where the discussion was.”  Read more at The National.


CMcElenyhris McEleny, Inverclyde Councillor

Let the Grassroots lead SNPs Summer Indy Campaign.

“I am delighted that I have received the support of former Depute Leader of the SNP Jim Sillars by nominating me for the position of Depute Leader.

Jim has championed working class and socialist values over the years, the values I believe in and want to champion at the heart of the SNP.

The decision making and power within our party is weighted far too heavily towards MPs and MSPs. A better balance is required and I believe as a Councillor I am uniquely placed to ensure that the hopes and aspirations of our parties membership are equally represented in the leadership of the SNP.

There is still time if you wish to nominate me.

Chris conducted an interview with commonspace where he explains why he wants to stand for the position.

Broken Promises

SNP logoSNP HQ have compiled a document outlining the promises made by the UK Government, supported by the Better Together team, if we voted NO in September 2014.      The document explains what promises have been broken with supporting data.  Click on logo to access the document.

Let’s not be conned next time round during Indyref2.