Scottish Independence

The argument for Scottish independence is an argument for making government accountable to the people of Scotland.

It’s an argument for ensuring that the only sovereign body in Scotland is the people of Scotland. That’s all of us, those of us who were born Scots, those of us who came to Scotland to live and who choose to become Scots.

It’s an argument that the only people who should choose the path that Scotland takes are the people of Scotland.

Independence is about ensuring that the sovereign body of the people of Scotland have a government that is responsible to them and to no one else.

Its about ensuring that the path that Scotland takes, the choices that Scotland makes as a country are determined by the people of Scotland.

Scotland needs independence because it’s the only way in which we can get a government which is accountable.

An independent Scotland will be a democracy with a written constitution and proportional representation in its parliament. That means it will be considerably more democratic than Westminster.

Scotland will be better off managing its own resources and the talents and skills of its people for the benefit of Scotland.   Scotland will do better controlling its own assets and investing in its own future rather than having these decisions made for us.

It’s not the people of Scotland making decisions for Scotland.   The decisions are made for us by a Tory Westminster Government that Scotland didn’t vote for.   It’s a government that’s taking Scotland out of the EU against the will of the majority of Scots.

It’s a government that’s turning a deaf ear to the opinions and views of the majority of Scots and it can do that because as part of the UK there is absolutely nothing that Scotland can do in order to ensure that the views opinions and beliefs of the people of Scotland are listened to, far less ensuring that they are acted upon.

Courtesy of Paul Kavanagh, Newspaper Columnist, March 2017.