Scotland’s North Sea Oil and Gas – A Plundered and Mismanaged Asset

While the exploitation of Scotland’s North Sea oil and gas is often hailed as an economic triumph, it is in fact a story of plundered wealth and mismanaged resources.   In six chapters we explore the history of Scotland’s relationship with oil and the twists and betrayals along the way.

Chapter ONE:   How Westminster plundered the North Sea and sold out past and future generations of Scots.

Chapter TWO:   Westminster let oil companies profit at Scotland’s expense by getting priorities wrong.

Chapter THREE:   Westminster ‘may be giving Scotland’s oil away for free’ – the shocking truth about tax breaks and decommissioning.

Chapter FOUR:  Fracking ban is welcome – but we also need to take the lead on US shale gas imports.

Chapter FIVE:   How the West plundered the world in its mad pursuit of oil.

Chapter SIX:  Westminster’s plundering of Scotland’s oil is the definitive argument for independence.

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Professor Alex Russell, Head of Management and Professor of Petroleum Accounting at Robert Gordon University’s Aberdeen Business School wrote an article in October 2017 for The National Newspaper where he examines Scotland’s oil sector.

Professor Russell has researched issues relating to oil and gas accounting, and regulation, for many years and is the Chair of the Oil Industry Finance Association, the body which sets Standard Oil Accounting Procedures for the North Sea oil industry.

This article is published here with the approval of The National.