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Sturgeon tells MPs and MSPs: We have delivered – now make it clear to voters

NICOLA Sturgeon kicked off the SNP’s campaign for the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections, claiming that despite cuts from Westminster, the Scottish Government had “delivered better services”.

In a wide-ranging speech at a joint meeting of the SNP’s MSPs and MPs in Edinburgh yesterday morning, the First Minister also made it clear that the party still had to build support for self-determination.Fm thumbs up

“Our school leavers do better than ever before,” Sturgeon said. “We have rebuilt or refurbished one fifth of all school buildings. Crime is at a 41-year low. We have higher employment than the rest of the UK. Youth employment is at its highest level in a decade. And NHS waiting times are among the lowest ever recorded.”

She continued: “We have abolished prescription charges, maintained free personal care for the elderly and restored free tuition for our students. We have made necessary, and radical, long-term reforms to police, to colleges, to health and social care services, and to our school curriculum.”

Next May, Sturgeon said, the SNP’s task “is to convince the people of this country that I will be the best First Minister, that we are the best team and that we have the best policies and the best vision to lead Scotland into the next decade.

“If we do that, we will not just win, we will win another majority. And let me be clear today: another majority government is our aim.’’