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VOTE: Registration, proxy, postal.


It wasn’t so long ago that only a few people in the UK were able to vote and the majority of us had to fight to gain the right to vote.   Some went to prison and others died for us to have this right.  Women set up their own movement (The Suffragettes) so that women could vote as they had been excluded.     When you think you “can’t be bothered” to vote just think of those people who fought for the vote and don’t waste it.    If you want a say in how your country is run then vote and help make the changes you want to see.

In the past, one person in a household could register all people resident in that household.  The rules changed recently so that each individual has to register so please check that your name is on the register.  There has been some confusion over this and up to 2 million UK voters are not registered because of these changes.    To make it easier to register just click on the GOV.UK logo.

In Scotland people of 16/17yrs of age can vote and you will need to register at GOV.UK.

Everyone has a choice to either vote in person at the polling station or to make it more convenient you can vote by post.    All the information on setting up a postal vote and downloading the Postal Vote Application Form can be found by clicking this link.       You must apply in advance and make sure your local Electoral Registration Office gets your application by 5pm, at least 11 working days before election day.     To find your local electoral office and further information pertaining to voting in Scotland go to aboutmyvote.

You can also set up a proxy vote and this is usually a member of your family who can vote on your behalf.   This subject is also covered in the aboutmyvote link above.