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Why Vote SNP



  • delivered free higher education
  • free school lunches for all Primary 1 to Primary 3 year olds
  • increased free early learning and childcare by almost half to 600 hrs per annum.
  • £11 million through the Scottish Attainment Challenge, which targets intensive support for young people in some of Scotland’s most-deprived communities.
  • The Access to Education fund has also seen a further £1.5 million invested this year to support learning and raise attainment in schools across Scotland.
  • additional £16 million a year to extend eligibility for the Educational Maintenance Allowances
  • free tuition and bursaries for Nursing and Midwifery students.


  • protected free personal care
  • maintained the concessionary travel scheme
  • scrapped prescription charges
  • free eye testing for over 60’s
  • free concessionary travel.
  • increased Scotland’s health budget to record levels:
    • £114 million in programmes to support carers.
    • £15 million into Mental Health Innovation Fund to identify new treatments.
    • an additional £85 million will be invested in improving mental health services.
    • £11 million to support 2000 very young parents and children via the Family Nurse Partnership
    • Additional £500 million in the NHS, £250m of which will be invested in the integration of health and social care.
    • £200 million over next 5 years to build six new elective treatment centres.
  • established The Carers Parliament where all Scottish carers and their representatives have the opportunity to discuss matters important to them.
  • 97.2% of patients seen within 12 weeks v. target of 98%.  Previous targets were 85% seen within 18 weeks.
  • protected the hardest hit by unfair Tory welfare cuts – i.e. no-one in Scotland has paid Bedroom Tax.
  • £100 million this year to mitigate the impact of UK Government welfare cuts.
  • ensure that the public, not-for-profit character of the NHS is protected from any impact from the Transatlantic Trade and Industrial Partnership (TTIP) agreement.
  • replacement for the DWP’s discredited Work Programme
  • introduce a Scottish Social Security Bill in the first year of the new parliament.


  • frozen council tax
  • invested over £1.7 billion in affordable housing
  • abolished right to buy to preserve social housing stock
  • 30,000 new homes built of which 20,000 are social housing.
  • Help to Buy Scheme has assisted 6,500 people buy homes.
  • Plan to build at least 50,000 new affordable homes, a commitment worth more than £3 billion by the end of the next Parliament.
  • additional £195m over the next 3 years to extend the Help to Buy scheme.
  • £4 million to renovate derelict city centre properties for housing.


  • paid all staff within their pay scheme, including NHS staff, a Living Wage since 2011.
      • have set a target of having over 500 businesses as Living Wage accredited employers by March 2016.
      • boosted apprenticeship numbers by almost 60 per cent
      • provide 30,000 new modern apprenticeship opportunities every year by 2020.
      • have an additional 50,000 people in employment compared to 2007.
      • more than halved the gender gap between male and female employment.
      • women’s employment in Scotland 2nd highest in EU – UK sitting in 8th place.
      • continue to support the creation of skilled and well-paid job opportunities by investing in our skills base.
      • working with employers to address gender stereotypes and support more women across the workplace.
      • SNP MPs will vote to increase the minimum wage to £8.70 by 2020.
      • calling on the UK Government to raise the minimum wage for young people to £4.13 per hour by 2020.
      • spending £16 million this year to support the implementation of our youth employment strategy.
      • youth employment is at its highest level since 2005 with 25,000 apprenticeships this year.
      • increase the overall number of apprenticeships from 25,000 to 30,000 a year by 2020.
      • abolish fees for employment tribunals
      • public bodies to publish employment gender gap

    infrastructure imageINFRASTRUCTURE

      • Borders railway operational
      • dualling the A9 underway
      • Clyde based Ferguson’s shipyard preferred bidder for a £100m contract for two new ferries.
      • Queensferry Crossing underway
      • Aberdeen bypass underway
      • investment in rail improvements between Edinburgh and Glasgow and Aberdeen and Inverness
      • transformation of our digital infrastructure.
      • £379 million of investment to North East Scotland to be spent primarily on infrastructure projects.

    business imageBUSINESS/ENTERPRISE

      • new £40 million Growth Fund for small and medium sized enterprises.
      • established four Enterprise Areas across 15 sites.
      • establishment of additional enterprise area, BioCity in North Lanarkshire
      • setting up a Business Development Bank
      • investment of £200,000 in Regional Partnership Plans
      • Small Business Bonus Scheme reduces the rates of 96,000 business properties
      • continuing support of Oil and Gas industry by extending employment task force
      • support our Innovation Centres with a £1 million Challenge Fund.
      • international exports increased by 20% in the three years from 2010.

Sources: and Nov/Dec. 2015