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Douglas is a member of the Select Defence Committee and is the first SNP politician to visit NATO HQ in Brussels.

You can contact him on e:mail:

imageOr follow him, Douglas Chapman MP on Facebook  and on Twitter @DougChapmanSNP.

Go to Storify  where Douglas gives a monthly roundup of what he has been doing at Westminster and in our Constituency.

The Dunfermline Press is another good source to follow Douglas’s activities and his views on various subjects.    Just search Douglas Chapman to see their relevant articles.

New staff have been appointed to assist Douglas.

Matt Meade will manage communications from the constituency office in Dunfermline.   He will work with both national and local media to ensure our message is heard.   He has strong local knowledge, having worked as a reporter at the Dunfermline Press, as well as at the Greenock Telegraph and STV online.

Kevin Pennie will undertake a review of business connectivity in Dunfermline and West Fife.   He aims to help  Douglas stay informed and responsive to the demands of local business.   He will work to enhance relations with the business community and help businesses interact with their MP.  Kevin has spent 26 years in banking and finance and therefore brings a wealth of experience.

Government Motion to Bomb DAESH in Syria

Douglas’s speech on 2 December at 19.30.

“Despite many of the good and measured speeches we have heard today, the drums of war are still beating in the background. I know that does not always make for good, rational decision making. We do not disagree that Daesh is a wicked and evil group, who must be defeated. I am not a pacifist, and I do not doubt that military power may play a part in the defeat of Daesh at some point, but I am utterly unconvinced by the case the Prime Minister has made here today.

Those speaking in favour of this motion seem to be deploying three main arguments for the necessity of British action in Syria. The first is that we should do so to help our allies; the second is that the UK has special capabilities vital to the completion of coalition aims; and the third is that doing so will make us safer at home. Such arguments may be seductive, but I caution the Government to ask themselves whether this bombing campaign will bring us any closer to a solution or stability in the region.

The most emotive argument is the one about helping our allies, particularly France, which had to endure horrific attacks that struck at the heart of its capital city just over a fortnight ago. I followed Scotland’s First

Minister––and I was the first MP to sign––in signing the book of condolence in the French consulate in Edinburgh, so I and my SNP colleagues beside me here take our duties to France, and indeed our other NATO partners, extremely seriously. Our determination to go after the financiers, the planners and the enablers of that terrible attack will never cease; it just so happens that I think bombing Syria will not bring justice any closer.

The Prime Minister has, I believe, made a terrible mistake in forcing the issue through the House despite the extreme unease of many people, in this place and outside, about the efficacy of airstrikes. Why has he not focused instead on the many other ways in which the United Kingdom could help Syria militarily? UK bases in Cyprus have already been offered, UK logistics and support forces are in the area, and intelligence-sharing has increased. At a time when it is widely accepted that the UK has lost its strategic edge, the Prime Minister’s attempt to make up for that is to say, “There is a fight somewhere; why is Britain not in it?” There is so much more that we could do to help our allies. Churchill once said that jaw-jaw was better than war-war. I think that we need to reinvent that tonight, and say that jaw-jaw is not bomb-bomb. Let me end by saying that my party will support the amendment tabled by the Scottish National party.”

Douglas’s campaign commitments:

  1. To deliver the conditions needed to create 5000 new jobs in Dunfermline and West Fife over the term of the next parliament.
  2. To protect our community and environment from ‘fracking’ and support the Scottish Government’s moratorium.
  3. To never vote with any of the parties at Westminster to implement austerity measures that punish the most vulnerable.
  4. To campaign to re-build Woodmill, St Columba’s and Inverkeithing high schools as all our young people deserve the best environment in which to learn.
  5. To actively work with all communities and groups to bring positive results for Dunfermline and West Fife.
  6. To always act in an open and transparent way and promise to keep you informed of everything I am doing for the constituency.
  7. My priority will always be for Dunfermline and West Fife and not a career at Westminster.

Meet your new Scottish MPs: #39 Douglas Chapman, Dunfermline and West Fife

DOUGLAS Chapman has always had an interest in politics but did not become actively involved until he became a volunteer for a local election in Rosyth in the mid 1990s.

“I think I was in the door of the local branch for five minutes before I became organiser for an upcoming election, so in a short space of time I became a party volunteer,” he recalled.

“Then the Scottish Parliament came along and I worked for Bruce Crawford for a number of years. In 2007 I was campaign manager for the SNP HQ in Edinburgh, then I was a Rosyth councillor and Cosla spokesman, so that was all part of a gentle learning curve.

“In the past eight or nine weeks there’s been a very sharp learning curve in terms of what I’ve had to deal with at Westminster – along with 55 others.”

Winning the Dunfermline and West Fife seat from Labour’s Thomas Docherty was, he said, “a fantastic night for the SNP”.

“It was one of those constituencies that wasn’t being punted as winnable so to win by 10,500 votes was just outstanding,” he said. “People thought Labour weren’t worth voting for, the LibDems had shot themselves in the foot and very few vote Tory anyway – it was all there for us to take.”

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Douglas’s maiden speech at Westminster can be viewed here.